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Julian Mironov
Julian Mironov

Powerquest Partition Table Editor 1.0 1247

Also the partition table can be fully customized by selecting SETUP. This is the maximum you can do. If you decide you need to change anything, you can press Ok. Or you may press Cancel to save your changes and return to the partitioning option you were using.

Powerquest partition table editor 1.0 1247

Drives are much like disk-partitioning, except that the file system(s) must be on a physical volume. A physical volume is an area of the disk that can contain (at least) one file system. For example, a hard drive can have one or more physical volumes, each of which can hold only one file system. If you delete a file system, the physical volume to which the file system belongs will disappear. For more information on physical volumes, see BIOSPC.

  • Disk management automatically assumes the following: Create A primary partition on C drive

  • Create a start up drive

  • Create a system restore drive

  • Create a recovery drive

  • Create a part of re-installation space

With an additional step using partition table editor, you can easily change the above guidelines for formatting your disk. Also, you can also create logical volume, move, create, delete or create more than one volume to your disk.

The information in this article applies for x86 systems, I don't know about disk partitioning on other systems. You are not required to have prior knowledge about disk partitioning. The goal of this article is to provide just the needed knowledge to understand disk partitioning, hence many details are left out for the readers to investigate by themselves.


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