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Gold Rush - Season 12 PORTABLE

In the 1840s, people traveled from far and wide to California, in search of gold. Prospectors without anything to their names headed west in the hopes of striking it rich, and while you may initially think all the gold out there has been dug up, there are still plenty of people with that excavator spirit.

Gold Rush - Season 12

Discovery follows some of these modern-day gold diggers in the hit reality TV series, "Gold Rush." In the 21st century, they have a lot more at their disposal than just a pickaxe and a tin plate. With massive crews, the likes of Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Tony Beets venture into what seem like barren landscapes to try to raise their fortunes.

People can't seem to get enough of it, as the fight for riches brings with it plenty of drama. There's only so much gold to go around, and as long as that metal's in the earth, these crews are going to dig for it. Season 12 hasn't yet received the green light, but it's a fairly safe bet that the announcement will come sooner or later, considering the massive popularity of the series. Here's everything we know so far about Season 12 of "Gold Rush."

Looking at trends in the past, most seasons have consistently premiered in the fall. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the crews didn't have to slow down much, as both miners and film crews were able to get into Canada to film Season 11. As such, the show was able to stick with its usual time frame and came out on October 23, 2020. The same has proven true of Season 12.

Even though the pandemic still rages on, and many shows have experienced serious delays, with the price of gold nearing all-time highs, the tenacious miners of "Gold Rush" just couldn't be held down. Miners have been deemed essential workers throughout all of this (via Hecla Mining Company), so even if stricter lockdowns had gone into effect, it wouldn't have impacted the "Gold Rush" miners too much. The film crew is another story altogether, but fortunately it seems like they got the job done; "Gold Rush" Season 12 premiered on schedule on September 24.

The main miners from years' past are ready to make their return. Parker Schnabel, Fred Dodge, and Chris Doumitt have been with the series since the very beginning while Tony Beets and Rick Ness came onboard for the sophomore season. They've all appeared regularly on the show over the years, and Shnabel and Beets in particular appear poised to claim outsized roles on Season 12.

It looks like Ness may have some company for his upcoming excursion. In a Facebook post uploaded on January 27, 2021, Ness' girlfriend, Leese M. Arie stated that she would be joining Ness in Canada this summer. It's unclear if Ness would put her to work or if she'll mostly just be hanging out, but all answers should be revealed once the new season airs a few more episodes.

Arie's Facebook post also gives us a good idea of where we can expect the various miners to journey to this time around. Her post includes a variety of hashtags with the two most important being "#goodbyewisconsin" and "#hellocanada." It shouldn't come as a surprise to viewers as most seasons have seen the crews go up to the Great White North in search of riches, with Season 11 seeing the teams go up to Yukon.

Canada's a big country, and as of right now, it's unclear where exactly the teams could dig. All should be revealed in the coming months as the miners actually head off to their next jobs. Canada has proven to be fruitful ground for the cast ever since they had to leave Alaska due to environmental concerns. If it's not broke, then don't fix it, and there's likely plenty of gold still hidden throughout the country.

Don't expect "Gold Rush" to go away any time soon. The show continues to be a major draw for Discovery, and in fact, the channel recently released a press release stating how "Gold Rush" was the most-watched unscripted series for men in 2020 out of any other show across broadcast networks. Other series may be fools' gold, but it's clear this one is still paying out dividends.

Sure, the mine bosses on Discovery's Gold Rush all know each other and are even kind of chummy sometimes. But when it comes to claims, pay dirt, and gold boulders in the ground, they are typically quite cagey and territorial. Rick Ness, for example, cut his gold-mining teeth in Parker Schnabel's mining operation, and still counts him as an ally. But three seasons on from striking out on his own, Ness' philosophy and approach to gold mining are separate and apart from that of Schnabel's or anyone else digging for glory in the Canadian Yukon. And all of that makes the offer fellow mine boss Tony Beets made to Ness toward the end of Gold Rush's eleventh season all the more intriguing.

When Looper asked Rick Ness if season 12 of the Discovery hit Gold Rush is happening, his response was candid: "It's a thing, yeah." And not only is it happening, but Ness and his team are already forming up and making plans. "I've got the same few guys and I got a couple of really good new additions to it," Ness said. "I've got some new people coming in. Not a lot. I'm not trying to go crazy, I had a good season, but I don't want to always expand. But, you know, a reasonable amount."

Speaking of Friday nights, make your Season 12 reservations right now as this series kicks off another round of shows at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m Central. Maybe you can pick a miner to follow closely this season and see how he finishes at the end.

Although Gold Rush fans are currently enjoying Season 11 on the Discovery Channel, the crews are all getting ready to start mining soon. Although the snow is still prominent in the Yukon in March, that is when they generally head over to their claims and start the ball rolling for another season of digging, dredging, and weighing gold. Will Rick Ness be back?

Gold Rush returned to screens on September 24th 2021 for its 12th season. The Discovery show first started back in 2010 and has been a hit with viewers ever since. The gold mining teams do all they can each season to collect as much gold as possible with many of them earning millions each year.

Ness said, "I've got the same few guys and I got a couple of really good new additions to it. I've got some new people coming in. Not a lot. I'm not trying to go crazy, I had a good season, but I don't want to always expand. But, you know, a reasonable amount."

"That's the thing right? Like, they're not making any more ground with gold in it. I would say there is still a lot of ground left in the Klondike with gold in it, but the fact of the matter is that it's getting harder and harder to get to, get back to that ground," he said. "You can fly a helicopter out to the middle of nowhere where no one's ever been and there could be an amazing amount of gold there, but if you don't have the money to put the infrastructure into getting in, well, that really ain't worth anything. So I can never predict where I'm going to end up, but I guess I'm always gonna go where the best opportunity is."

But Ness may not have to look too far. According to the Pahrump Valley Times, a 2020 survey of resource and exploration companies released by the Fraser Institute named Nevada "the world's top mining destination." Several gold mining companies are already taking their places in the state where they see "large potential of the Nevada gold fields and prospective gold establishments," per the publication.

Get your pickaxes and gold pans ready, the miners are back for season 12 of Gold Rush. Thanks to the pandemic the price of gold is booming, so it's mining war on the show this fall. Keep reading to find out how to watch Gold Rush season 12 online from anywhere.

The reality TV show is one of Discovery's top rated and the near record high gold prices look set to make this season the most competitive yet. Gold Rush follows four mining companies as they battle for the best ground, most of which is already tied up, making the task even tougher. The miners are forced to dig deeper and go further into the wilderness in the hunt for their fortune.

Schnabel's ex-foreman, Rick Ness, has his sights set high, aiming for 2,000 ounces of gold. But will he make it happen when two of his key teammates don't turn up? Fred Lewis will be hoping not as the military veteran moves his operation north in the hopes of correcting last season's Oregon mining mistakes.

Taking a trip abroad and going to be out of the country when Gold Rush season 12 airs? You might encounter a few geo-restrictions, which will stop you from accessing your usual streaming service when you're away from home.

If you prefer to watch online, head to the CTV website (opens in new tab), sign in with your TV provider details and stream Gold Rush that way. Or go to the CTV Go app to watch the new season on-demand.

Anyone from across the pond can watch Gold Rush season 12 on Discovery. However, you will have to wait until a few days after the US, with the reality show airing on Tuesday, September 28 at 9pm BST.

Treating yourself to a holiday or away for business when Gold Rush season 12 airs? Remember to use a VPN (opens in new tab) to access your usual streaming service and watch your favorite shows as if you were at home.

However, if you still need your fix of drama from the gold mines, there are a few options. Foxtel Now (opens in new tab) has the last four seasons of Gold Rush available to stream online. Binge (opens in new tab) also has season 10 ready to watch, so there's plenty to keep you entertained whilst you wait.

Since its establishment, CNP has been the site of a conflict between conservation and the exploitation of its natural resources, notably logging, wildlife trading, poaching, and gold mining. Fortunately, ecotourism has helped create jobs so that locals can deviate from subsistence farming and hunting, logging, and mining. Despite these efforts, critical conservation issues still exist [22] [23] .

In 2005, 30 - 40 illegal gold miners were reported to be active in CNP [23] . The numbers continued to increase and by 2013, 250 illegal gold miners had established themselves in CNP, building tunnels for mining gold and hunting the fauna of the Park for subsistence during the gold extraction operations. Law enforcement has not been able to impose severe restrictions on criminal activities, with those who are arrested for mining being released within a few days and facing minor penalties. The high levels of poverty in the region, due to failed reforestation projects and the departure of banana-producing companies, are accounting for the gold rush [24] - [26] . Moreover, the tunnels that are built disturb the landscape and vegetation of the Park and the extraction process, which involves mercury, contaminates the rivers and creeks [23] . 041b061a72


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