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Buy Used Scissor Lift

While brand-new scissor lifts have a shiny coat of paint and exciting features, buying or renting new machines may not always be the best investment. Used scissor lifts offer a cost-effective alternative to new machines that can save you time and money on your next project. Used machines are in-stock and ready for pick-up immediately, removing the hassle of long lead times or production delays that could prevent your order from being filled. As you consider buying or renting used, keep these helpful tips in mind to ensure you are maximizing your resources.

buy used scissor lift

From working heights to floor loads to clearances, the specifications of scissor lifts have an impact on storage and jobsite usage. Before purchasing a used scissor lift, create an idea of exactly what you want out of your machine. What kind of work will you be doing? Will you be working indoors or outdoors? What kind of platform capacities does your job require? Once you understand these factors, find the scissor lift that best meets your requirements to ensure maximum productivity.

Naturally, used machines have seen some wear and tear in their previous use. Some of this damage may simply be cosmetic, such as a dinged-up coat of paint or small scratches on the exterior. However, internal damage could impede the functionality of your machine and increase the cost of ownership through repair and replacement costs. Before purchasing a used lift, inquire about any inspection or repairs the machine has undergone. Hy-Brid Lifts offers Work Ready machines, lifts that passed a thorough 85-point inspection that analyzes the lifts from top to bottom, guaranteeing they will be ready to operate as soon as they arrive on your jobsite.

The model year of the machine will give an indication of the remaining life span, but it does not tell the whole story. Some lifts will have seen near constant action over their life, while others may have spent most of their time idle. Most used listings will have the hours of use or mileage listed, but if they do not, be sure to inquire with the seller to find out how much work the lift has seen.

Saving money is always a positive, but often you will get what you pay for when purchasing used equipment. Maintenance costs add up quickly, especially with machines nearing the end of their lifespan. Certain sellers may offer extremely low prices on machines that initially run on the lot yet halt in their tracks when they drive off the trailer, so be sure to do your homework to locate a reputable dealer.

Warranties offer peace of mind and security that your used machine is covered in case of damage, but often come at an additional fee. Hy-Brid Lifts Work Ready machines include a 180-day parts warranty with free ground shipping on warranty parts. Buy used work platforms confidently knowing any issues during the first six months of ownership will be covered in your warranty .

Keeping these five tips in mind will guide you to make the best possible choice when buying used scissor lift equipment. Ready to purchase? Hy-Brid Lifts offers a wide selection of used machines from several different manufacturers, including Haulotte, JLG, MEC, Skyjack, and Snorkel. Lifts are sold both as-is or Work Ready, a program that includes an annual inspection and parts warranty. All used machines sold by Hy-Brid Lifts are fully operational and ready to handle all the demands of your next project.

Scissor lifts are designed to work vertically, allowing you to reach places that would otherwise require the use of tall ladders or scaffolding. They provide a platform, with rails, to allow a safer means of reaching these places. Here at Illinois Lift, we can help you find a used scissor lift so you can concentrate on the work at hand and not have to worry as much about safety.

Scissor lifts are designed to work either indoors or outdoors. If you have a large warehouse that requires being able to lift heavy merchandise or stack it at a great height, an electrically operated lift with low emissions is your best option. Workers can change light bulbs safely, retrieve items without strain or risk of ladder falls. Your scissor lift may also help reduce insurance costs as it creates less likelihood of injuries.

Tree trimmers, utility workers, and construction companies all find using scissor lifts beneficial. They save time and reduce injuries. A gas-powered unit with strong tires can help navigate rough terrain that other vehicles find difficult.

You may already know the type of used lift you are looking for, but those just starting out may find the variety confusing. Our representatives are always willing to talk with you to determine your needs and direct you to the ideal choice, but it helps to answer a few questions to help direct your search.

A 30-foot lift is commonly used for work around telephone lines and power poles, and 50-foot or 60-foot lifts allow you to access the tops of very tall trees and exteriors of six-story buildings. Lifts with vertical reaches of 60 feet and 70 feet are available for high utility work.

The size of the platform is important for both safety and efficiency. A wider platform allows for better access and less repositioning of the lift over the course of the job. At the same time, you must make sure the lift can fit into the space available.

You can make the most out of the cost of a scissor lift by looking for equipment with just enough features for your work. If you just want to access the top of the 14-foot ceilings in your building, a 19-foot electric model is all you need rather than a 30-foot rough terrain model, which is more expensive.

At Chicago Industrial Equipment, we sell high-quality scissor lifts for a variety of applications, including leading brands like Genie and JLG. Based in Rockdale, Illinois, just a few miles from Highway 55, we are close to major hubs and trucking lanes, which allows us to get some of the most competitive shipping rates. Call 815-744-8811 or fill out our online form today, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you.

American Scissor Lift rents a variety of scissor lifts GAS Powered MEC Scissor Lifts, Electric Powered Scissor Lifts, Articulated and Telescopic Booms, Genie, and Skytrak, Personnel Lifts, Material Lifts and Fork Lifts.

At American Scissor Lift, your Aerial Lift Specialists, all lifts in our rental fleet are for sale. Our used lifts are well maintained, inspected, and come with a 90-day field warranty in California. Check out our Monthly Specials.

Starting as Sacramento Scissor Lift in 1995, American Scissor lift now covers all of California with five locations and a rental fleet of over 1,500 machines in addition to new and used high-reach scissor lift equipment for sale.

The same thing applies when you buy scissor lifts. With careful planning, solid research, and exceptional pre-purchase planning, your company has a better chance of buying a scissor lift that will be a dependable asset for years to come.

The rate that your lift moves up and down can have a huge impact on your rate of productivity. Before you delve into scissor lift pricing specifics, first determine your minimum speed required. This will help narrow the field and make it obvious which models are right for your needs.

Maintenance is a huge concern when you buy used scissor lifts. Ask for a record of inspections so you can get a feel for how frequently the equipment was maintained. Tire condition is also a factor. Be on the lookout for structural damage including flat spots, bubbles, and cracks. Lifts should not vibrate when moving.

Scissor lifts are heavy pieces of machinery that help lift people or equipment to high places. One of their main uses is for reaching storage racks in warehouses, the upper limbs of trees, or high-up portions of a construction project that usually require a scaffold.

The scissor lift moves vertically, like an elevator with basic safety rails instead of walls. It provides more security for workers and a quicker method for reaching elevated areas, particularly if you use heavy equipment or stock large pallets of merchandise.

The price of a new scissor lift depends on factors, such as lift type, power source, maximum reach, and the maximum weight the lift can carry. If you buy a new scissor lift, expect it to be a higher price than used machines you might find.

If you want to save some money, consider buying a used scissor lift. These are always cheaper than a brand new scissor lift, depending on how old the lift is, what type of lift it is, and other features and specifications.

When buying a used scissor lift, price is only one of the factors you should consider. Saving money on a major piece of equipment is pointless if the lift is defective or lacks the features you need. Make sure the lift reaches the height you want and uses an appropriate power source for your job.

While shopping for a used scissor lift, watch out for signs of a scam. If a seller avoids answering questions, they might be hiding a serious problem with the machine. Trust your instincts when buying a used scissor lift. If the price seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Typically, rough terrain lifts and larger lifts cost more to rent than smaller lifts or those powered by electricity. Make sure you know details about your project, like the height and weight capacity you need.

There are a lot of hardware stores or equipment rental companies that offer scissor lift rentals. Depending on how long you need the machine, you can pay for the rental by the day, the week, or the month. 041b061a72


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