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Kelly Huizen Video 32

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Kelly Huizen Video 32

To establish if the indication for different approaches for thyroidectomy and the incision length provided by means of pre-operative assessment of gland volume and size of nodules resulted in safe and effective outcomes and in any notable aesthetic or quality-of-life impact on patients. Ninehundred eightytwo consecutive patients, undergoing total thyroidectomy, were enrolled. The thyroid volume and maximal nodule diameter were measured by means of ultrasounds. Based on ultrasounds findings, patients were divided into three groups: minimally invasive video assisted thyroidectomy (MIVAT), minimally invasive thyroidectomy (MIT) and conventional thyroidectomy (CT) groups. The data concerning the following parameters were collected: operative time, postoperative complications, postoperative pain and cosmetic results. The MIVAT group included 179 patients, MIT group included 592 patients and CT group included 211 patients. Incidence of complications did not differ significantly in each group. In MIVAT and MIT group, the perception of postoperative pain was less intense than CT group. The patients in the MIVAT (71.5) and MIT (82) groups were more satisfied with the cosmetic results than those in CT group (51.3) (p=

Educational outreach at the MIT Plasma Fusion Center consists of volunteers working together to increase the public's knowledge of fusion and plasma-related experiments. Seeking to generate excitement about science, engineering and mathematics, the PFC holds a number of outreach activities throughout the year, such as Middle and High School Outreach Days. Outreach also includes the Mr. Magnet Program, which uses an interactive strategy to engage elementary school children. Included in this year's presentation will be a new and improved C-MOD Jr, a confinement video game which helps students to discover how computers manipulate magnetic pulses to keep a plasma confined for as long as possible. Also on display will be an educational toy created by the Cambridge Physics Outlet, a PFC spin-off company. The PFC maintains a Home Page on the World Wide Web, which can be reached at

Experiments performed at MIT to better define Space Station information system telescience requirements for effective remote coaching of astronauts by principal investigators (PI) on the ground are described. The experiments were conducted via satellite video, data, and voice links to surrogate crewmembers working in a laboratory at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Teams of two PIs and two crewmembers performed two different space life sciences experiments. During 19 three-hour interactive sessions, a variety of test conditions were explored. Since bit rate limits are necessarily imposed on Space Station video experiments surveillance video was varied down to 50 Kb/s and the effectiveness of PI controlled frame rate, resolution, grey scale, and color decimation was investigated. It is concluded that remote coaching by voice works and that dedicated crew-PI voice loops would be of great value on the Space Station.

The desire to improve cosmesis has driven the introduction of robotic-assisted and video-assisted thyroidectomy techniques. We report on minimally invasive thyroidectomy (MIT) through a 2-cm incision without the added need for video assistance and hypothesize similar clinical results to standard open thyroidectomy. Between May 2012 and December 2013, 62 nonendoscopic MIT were evaluated for demographics, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction on a 1-10 scale. The results were compared with a case-matched control group who underwent conventional open thyroidectomy by the same surgeon. The 124 study patients demonstrated no differences between groups for demographics or clinical outcomes except a smaller thyroid lobe in the MIT group (9.2 vs 11.7 g; P = .05). There were longer operative times in the MIT group (135.4 vs 119.6 minutes; P = .07) that were not equivalent by equivalence testing (P = .534). In MIT patients, transient recurrent laryngeal nerve injury occurred per nerves at risk (1.1% vs 3.4%; P = .62) with no permanent injuries in either group. There was no difference in symptomatic hypocalcemia (9.7% vs 11.3%; P = .77) and postoperative hematoma (0% vs 3.2%; P = .50). On follow-up, the measured MIT scar was significantly shorter (2.22 vs 3.98 cm; P


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