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Buy Sell Surplus Chemicals

I have been in the trading business since 1988. I buy and sell surplus chemicals and related materials. These chemicals could be obsolete due to discontinued product lines, formula changes, plant closures or a change of vendor.

buy sell surplus chemicals

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Chemicals are part of the manufacturing world in virtually every industry. Predicting the quantity of these chemicals that will be needed at any given time is guesswork that does not always pay off. Obsolete or excess chemicals take up space and money that could be used for other supplies. Unlike other chemical supply companies, TyChem ( ) purchases these chemicals from companies that do not need them and sell them to other companies that do at a savings of more than 40%. All of the chemicals sold are quality chemicals that do not require a sacrifice in performance in order to enjoy cost savings.

With more than ten years of experience in buying and selling surplus chemicals, TyChem knows what to look for in the surplus chemicals used in a variety of industries and they specialize in those used in:

When dealing with normal chemical supply companies becomes too large of an expense, there is a better option for getting the chemicals needed than settling for a lower quality. Compromise in the quality of product or service produced should never be compromised. In some industries, meeting compliance is always a first priority. TyChem makes it easy to meet all of these goals with a simple, cost-effective method of buying the chemicals that are needed.

Compare the current inventory to that of other chemical supply companies to see the difference in purchasing surplus. They will be happy to provide a Certificate of Analysis, pictures or samples to ensure they are high quality chemicals at significant savings. To purchase the needed chemical, make an offer.If TyChem accepts it, just send credit references and purchase order. They will have the order allocated for pickup by your carrier or the TyChem logistics team can provide a rate.

Buying surplus chemicals from TyChem is a simple way to start saving on manufacturing costs or on disposal costs when surplus chemicals must be disposed of properly. Whether buying or selling chemicals, they offer a better solution that other chemical supply companies simply can match.

TyChem ( ) is a surplus chemical company with more than a decade of experience in buying and selling surplus chemicals. They allow businesses that rely on chemicals for their use or sales to reduce their inventory of slow-moving chemicals while providing others with the chemicals they need. TyChem specializes in chemicals used in the manufacture of cleaning, cosmetics, health care, vitamins and nutraceuticals, food and non-regulated pharmaceuticals. Potential sellers or buyers can call or visit their website to check out their current inventory.

Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co., L.L.C. (LCEC) was founded in 1968 to buy and sell used process equipment and complete plants for relocation throughout the world. Since our first job for Exxon of Baton Rouge, we have grown into a full service company providing services worldwide. We have offices, storage facilities and complete plants located in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia to better serve your needs.

When ordering chemicals, minimize volumes by purchasing the smallest quantity of a chemical consistent with experimental protocol. Chemicals should be dated when received in a permanent and legible fashion. This procedure will aid in evaluating the hazard when a particular chemical becomes waste. Frequently chemical suppliers will attempt to sell more chemicals for less, please don't buy surplus chemicals. Surplus chemicals tend to end up in the chemical waste stream at a later date.

The Surplus Chemical Program reduces chemical waste streams and saves money. Chemical use is essential to the operations of many laboratories on campus, making chemicals an important resource to protect. Recipients of reagents can be confident of chemical quality and purity when accepting chemicals screened and logged by EH&S. By using surplus reagents, you will avert significant energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from chemical manufacturing.

Steven Levy Enterprises buys and sells new, unused, and used industrial surplus metering pumps and dosing pumps. Browse our inventory of used metering pumps and dosing pumps available for purchase. A metering pump is used to add small but accurate volumes of a liquid to other fluid streams or vessels. Common industrial uses of metering pumps include water treatment plants, chemical processing plants and more. A dosing pump is designed to inject a chemical or another substance into a flow of water, gas, or steam. Dosing pumps are often used in water treatment, food industries, chemical plants, mining operations, and medical labs. Tell us what surplus metering pumps and dosing pumps you have for sale or call us at 713-910-4337.

Note: State law prohibits the disposal of household batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and electronic devices (i.e.; those items containing circuit boards) in regular municipal trash. Electronic devices include, but are not limited to computers, printers, personal data assistants (PDAs), televisions and electronic laboratory items. These items contain chemicals which may harm people or the environment, and should be disposed of through AggieSurplus. For disposal of hazardous, chemical, and radioactive wastes, complete the appropriate Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) form.

Departments can consign items and have a portion of the sale proceeds credited to a departmental account. In these cases, an item must sell for over $250. Please check with AggieSurplus to make this determination.

If the item(s) sell, any credits to your account will appear in FIS Decision Support transaction reports, including Transaction Log (54) and Transaction Listing (2). AggieSurplus transactions have an origin code of BB.

If an item has not sold after 28 days, AggieSurplus consults with selling department regarding any received offers and the option to donate to a non-profit or include it as a free item.

Hazardous materials will not be accepted, under any circumstances, by State Surplus. We will not accept any chemicals, pesticides, solvents, paint, grease, oil or batteries. Any item containing Freon must have all of the Freon removed before it will be accepted. This includes refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. In addition, we will not accept mattresses of any kind. For procedures and proper disposal of these items, you may check with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and/or the Oklahoma State Health Department.

With the recent withdrawal of many garden chemicals, gardeners may possess surplus stocks of pesticides that they are legally not allowed to use. When pesticides are withdrawn from the market for economic reasons there is usually a two-year grace period in which to use up remaining stocks. More information on which products are withdrawn or approved can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website.

Contact your local authority's waste disposal section for disposal of larger quantities of out-of-date, surplus, or withdrawn pesticides, as they can advise on which household sites will accept chemicals. Locate your nearest local authority chemical disposal facility on Crop Protection Association website.

When taking surplus, withdrawn, or out-of-date chemicals to a waste disposal facility, ensure that containers are carefully sealed and clearly labelled with the name and active ingredient of the product. Do not mix different chemicals.

Ingalls Process Equipment buys and sells high speed mixers, blenders, and dispersers for the adhesives, paint & coatings industries. The dispersers are used to mix, blend, disperse and mill both powders and liquids.

Ingalls Process Equipment buys and sells milling equipment used in the allied and chemical industries. We buy and sell attritors, ball mills, pebble mills, hammermills, pulverizers, horizontal media mills, jar mills, roll crushers, jaw crushers, puck mills, delumpers and several others. Our mill inventory includes spare ball mill doors, spare babbit bearings and gear reduced mill drives.

Ingalls Process Equipment buys and sells used mixers. We often stock mixers made by Baker Perkins, Economy, Farrell, Hobart, Eirich, Littleford, Lodige, J.H. Day, Munson, Papenmeier, Patterson, Welex, Young Industries.

Chemical process equipment is used for the processing of chemicals on an industrial scale. Our used chemical equipment inventory consists of agitators, autoclaves, boilers, centrifuges, conveyors, dryers, evaporators, feeders, filters, generators, glass lined equipment, heat exchangers, kettles, mills, mixers, packaging equipment, presses, pumps, reactors, tanks, valves, and more...

The success of the hazardous waste management program depends not only on EH&S but also on the conscientious efforts of you, the individual. Unless you understand that chemical wastes you generate are your responsibility, the teaching and research goals of the University may be compromised. The key to managing this problem lies in recognizing your responsibility, understanding our management system, and reducing the volume of surplus and waste chemicals.

Old chemicals and surplus chemicals that are in their original containers, do not leak and have legible labels, do not need to be tagged. Before you call to have your wastes picked up, check to make sure the materials are properly packaged and identified. Be sure all containers are tightly sealed. There should be no reasonable chance of leakage from the container. Also, the outside of the container should be free from contaminants. Containers with chemical spillage or stains will not be accepted. Please replace them.

On our Environmental Health and Safety website, , users of chemicals are encourage to minimize amounts purchased. "Frequently chemical suppliers will attempt to sell more chemicals for less, please don't buy surplus chemicals. Surplus chemicals tend to end up in the chemical waste stream at a later date." Also, the university tracks the purchase of extremely hazardous chemicals and seeks to minimize purchase of future extremely hazardous chemicals. 041b061a72


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