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Black Ops 2 Uprising Dlc Pc Free 42 [BEST]

In Zombies mode, like previous games, players start with an M1911 (or an M712 Schnellfeuer on the Origins DLC map) as their only weapon, and can purchase additional weapons using points gained by defeating enemies and repairing barricades. Specific weapons can be bought from chalk outlines on the walls, or players can use the "Mystery Box" to spawn a random weapon, including a selection of weapons not otherwise available in the levels. Zombies freely uses both "past" and "future" weapons (regardless of setting, so the player can use a SCAR-H on the battlefields of 1918 France), and even has several unique weapons (both real and fictional) of its own.

Black Ops 2 Uprising Dlc Pc Free 42

Called the "Tac-45," the FN FNP-45 Tactical has a black slide and flat dark earth frame when no camo is applied, and is available in the future levels and in multiplayer from the beginning. It has an erroneous 10-round capacity by default, which becomes a still-too-low 13 rounds when the incorrectly-named "Extended Clip" is chosen; the real weapon's magazines hold 15 rounds. In multiplayer it features a longer two-hit kill range than the Five-SeveN, but much faster damage falloff after that range. In the game files, it is called the "FNP-45".

The M14 Rifle from Black Ops reappears in Zombies mode, this time with a synthetic black finish instead of wooden furniture. Once again, the in-game model has a pistol grip and folding vertical grip like the M14E2 light machine gun. It is typically one of the first weapons available in a Zombies map, and is effective for a surprisingly long time due to its high accuracy and damage, despite only holding 8 rounds in its 20-round magazine.

While not actually a weapon at all, this portable IR strobe is used as a grenade in "Suffer With Me," allowing fire to be called down from an orbiting AC-130 gunship. The version in the game is a retextured version of Black Ops' "Tactical Insertion" device, swapping the incorrect olive drab colour scheme (which was the colour of the SDU-5/E's FG1C flash guard case, not the device itself) for a still-incorrect black.

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