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Subtitle Emmanuelle.1974.FRENCH.1080p.BluRay.x2...

"Maid in Sweden" Blu-ray - Christina Lindberg @CODEREDDVD @KinoLorberUS PURCHASE LINKCAN PURCHASE LINKUK PURCHASE LINKBONUS CAPTURESOUR REVIEWCOMMENTS: Dan Wolman's Maid in Sweden is from The Canon Group, Inc. It's real problem is the cavalier attitude in which the sexual assaults are addressed. Inga's introduction to intimacy beyond her gangbang and lesbian fantasizes - amounts to aggression from both males which shouldn't be considered anything less than rape, imo. I can't see Maid in Sweden being much more than having appeal as a historical artifact for Christina Lindberg fans - as it's the first film in which she showed nudity - notably her voluminous breasts. Personally, I preferred pretty Monica Ekman in the role of her sexually-advanced older sister. There is a minor travelogue in Stockholm snuck in there. There is no real examination of social issues like class structure in Swedish society ala I Am Curious (Yellow.) Anyway, it does have nudity (no male parts) and plenty of early 70's sex. The Kino Lorber / Code Red Blu-ray is bare-bones although a notable upgrade from SD. Those curious on Lindberg might consider owning. Post her film career she produced an instructional video on how to pick and prepare mushrooms, 'Christinas Svampskola', and works enthusiastically about the preservation of the Swedish wolf._____________________________________**John Mills' "Sky West and Crooked"** Blu-ray - Hayley Mills @networktweetsUK PURCHASE LINKBONUS CAPTURESOUR REVIEWCOMMENTS: John Mills' Sky West and Crooked is the actor's only directorial effort. It really was a family project with the screenplay penned by Mills' wife Mary Hayley Bell, starring daughter Hayley and even the family dog, a spaniel, named Hamlet. 'Sky West and Crooked' is a West Country term for someone who is "mentally unsound". It's about children and a focus on understanding death. It has a romantic edge with Hayley falling for a handsome gypsy (Ian McShane). Sky West and Crooked has some beautiful countryside shot on location in and around the village of Little Badminton in South Gloucestershire, although the film production did erect a tower for the church. Kudos as well to the cinematography of Arthur Ibbetson (The Chalk Garden, Die! Die! My Darling!, The Railway Children.) The alternate title Bats With Baby Faces was based on a line from a T.S. Eliot poem. I was very glad I saw this - although I found it quite dark at times. The acting is superb. The Network Blu-ray provides a pleasing 1080P presentation, uncompressed audio and an extensive supplements filled with interviews of 5 of the participants plus a liner notes booklet. Recommend to fans of John and Hayley Mills and 60's British cinema._____________________________________**Jessica Beshir's "Faya Dayi"** Blu-ray - Kawa Sherif @CriterionUS PURCHASE LINKCANADIAN PURCHASE LINKBONUS CAPTURESOUR REVIEWCOMMENTS: Jessica Beshir's Faya Dayi is a documentary that explores Harar's (a walled city in eastern Ethiopia) seasonal religious rituals of chewing khat, a psychoactive plant that plays an important role in the country's economy and culture. It is filled with powerful imagery showing the harvesting, preparing, packaging of khat as well as locals who partake in the smoking and chewing of the product - often reaching a euphoric, hallucinogenic state. It's a fabulously fascinating piece of 'real' cinema. It doesn't have typical talking heads explaining the focus of the documentary - but rather shows an artistic, often poetic, vision of the subject matter. I'm so glad that Criterion brought this out on Blu-ray and have added to their package with the valuable supplements. It's one of those films that you can say "You should really see this" to friends. We absolutely recommend!_____________________________________**Jacques Deray's "Symphony for a Massacre"** Blu-ray - Michel Auclair @CohenMediaGroup @KinoLorberUS PURCHASE LINKCANADIAN PURCHASE LINKBONUS CAPTURESOUR REVIEWCOMMENTS: Jacques Deray's Symphony for a Massacre is an excellent 60's French crime thriller centering on money and five criminals, - one of whom is a deceptive traitor. It's seems there is no honor among thieves with the two 'moll' females spared the mercenary behavior (or are they?) - which exposes cold-hearted greed at its core. The Cohen Blu-ray provides a solid presentation with a mark off for the burned-in subtitles. Jacques Deray (Three Men To Kill, The Gang, The Swimming Pool) can craft a film - and is highly appealing to noir aficionados. Absolutely recommended!_____________________________________"Summer Heat" Blu-ray - Lori Singer @KinoLorberUS PURCHASE LINKCANADIAN PURCHASE LINKBONUS CAPTURESOUR REVIEWCOMMENTS: Summer Heat has sultry Lori Singer, boring Anthony Edwards and hunky Bruce Abbott but would have benefited from more Kathy Bates and Clu Gulager. I think it's a sexy flic with latter thriller elements - but can come across a shade superficially. Director Michie Gleason (who also wrote it from Louise Shivers novel, Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail) - doesn't have a lot of credits (3 films written/directed) but she was assistant to the director/producer on Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven. I thought there was a lot to enjoy about Summer Heat, although movie history remembers it unfavorably. The Kino Blu-ray is 28% OFF at the writing of this review and there is certainly the potential for some 80's nostalgia with comely Singer and the film's VHS-vibe._____________________________________Curtis Harrington's "Mata Hari" Blu-ray - Sylvia Kristel @KinoLorberUS PURCHASE LINKCANADIAN PURCHASE LINKBONUS CAPTURESOUR REVIEWCOMMENTS: Curtis Harrington's Mata Hari is considered an 'erotic biographical film' about the infamous World War I spy - and has the strong appeal of Sylvia Kristel - the queen of soft-core, mainstream, sexy films (she was in five of the seven Emmanuelle films.) Kristel was cast in Roman Polanski's 1976 film The Tenant but she was replaced by Isabelle Adjani, after one day of shooting. The costumes in Mata Hari are outrageously rich and visually it looks like a very impressive production. It's actually not as poor as come critics make out complaining about Kristel acting. I don't think that is her strongest attribute in the film. Anyway, yes - lots of sex and frontal nudity - and a well realized production although director Harrington was unhappy with the final product as it was far off his artistic vision. The Kino Blu-ray has a very strong a/v for the format and a new, very entertaining, commentary. For Sylvia Kristel and Curtis Harrington this is kind of a must-own._____________________________________**Jean Chapot's "The Burned Barns"** Blu-ray - Alain Delon / Simone Signoret @CohenFilm @CohenMediaGroupUS PURCHASE LINKCAN PURCHASE LINKBONUS CAPTURESOUR REVIEWCOMMENTS: Jean Chapot's The Burned Barns has the appeal of a classic detective story and 'who done it' with a murdered young girl found in the snow. Her family and the community act... suspiciously. There is a subtext of the abandonment of the French countryside for a more Urban life and it plays into the characterizations. This was director Jean Chapot's last theatrical feature before settling into TV work. He had issues on "Les granges brûlées" and Alain Delon took over, directing a few important scenes with assistant director Philippe Monnier. There is an awkwardness that actually adds to the flavor. The performances carry The Burned Barns and the Cohen Blu-ray presentation and interview supplement will appeal to fans of French crime dramas with a moody psychological edge - and the wonderful interplay of Alain Delon and Simone Signoret. I would say nab this one if you can get it at a reasonable price._____________________________________**Don Siegel's "Madigan"** Blu-ray - Richard Widmark @indicatorseriesUK PURCHASE LINKINDICATOR PURCHASE LINKBONUS CAPTURESOUR COMPARISONCOMMENTS: Technically, Indicator's Blu-ray advances in the a/v of their transfer of Don Siegel's Madigan. It offers a new commentary, a rarely seen Widmark interview, other supplements including a 32-page booklet. Madigan has the director's efficiency and sexiness creating a different style of police drama - as they state in the Kino commentary "fresh for its time". It's a Neo-Noir that works on a few levels - flawed, duplicitous, characters and their interpersonal relationships, some procedural detective work, depth within the occupational hazards of being a cop (or Commissioner) and a final shoot-out. Gotta give the Indicator the nod for those who want the best Blu-ray edition. Although made in 1968 - it has elements of the tough, realism of 70's police dramas that many find so appealing. This is certainly recommended!_____________________________________DVDBeaver Newsletter for the Week of August 29th, 2022

subtitle Emmanuelle.1974.FRENCH.1080p.BluRay.x2...



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