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Quran Transliteration In Telugu Pdf

This translation of the Glorious Quran in to Telugu Language is unique.Translation Of the Meanings Of Quran To The Indian Language Telugu. . 1 feedback.Free download text translation of holy Quran in telugu and Telugu recitation of.

Quran Transliteration In Telugu Pdf

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Telegu translation of the Quran MP3 Format 1. 009-At-Taubah.pdf.Free PDF Quran Download. Holy Quran Translation Language: Anko. Directlink: www.pdfquran.comdownloadtelugutelugu-quran.pdf download.Quran Transliteration. We like to emphasize that this text is not a substitute forthe original Arabic Holy Quran. It is only an attempt to help those who are trying.pdf The Following are free PDF files of the Translation, Word to

Word. The Meaning of Holy Koran Telugu Download The Meaning of Holy Koran Thai.Please check this link Qurantransliteration, for all Souar of the Quran with Arabic and Roman characters, with translation. T.B Irving . Besides reading the Quran,from the left menue, you can read and hear the prophets supplication. Telugu Translation By Dr Abdul Raheem Moulana. Surah Al Fatiha With

Short Surahs of Holy Quran with transliteration, translation and AUDIO! You can.Posted in Salah , Tagged namaz, salah, teluguislam Leave a comment. Time 9: 25 Audio Player. Read the Duas Here PDF.The Qurn. Translated into the Urdu language 1876-original Page.

those who are trying.Please check this link Quran transliteration, for all Souar of the Quran with Arabic and Roman characters,with translation.Posted in Salah , Tagged namaz, salah, telugu islam Leave a comment. Read the Duas Here PDF.Jul 24, 2010. - King Fahd Complex For Printing The Holy Quran Website. Spanish - Espaol French - Franais Telugu - Kyrgyz - kurdish - Turkish - Trke. The first tab is for Quran transliteration, translation and recitation. The second tab is for

Quran transliteration in telugu pdfquran translation in telugu pdfyou will learn 125 important words that occur in the Quran 40, 000 times.quran transliteration in englishquran transliteration in urduquran transliteration in somaliquran transliteration in english pdf free downloadquran transliteration in banglaquran transliteration in malayalamThis translation of the Glorious Quran in to Telugu Language is unique.quran transliteration in tamilquran transliteration in hindiquran transliteration in roman scriptquran transliteration in telugu

He used to write each word from each Aayath of the Quran then write its English meaning first, then write all the possible telugu meanings for it - Because there is no Arabic-Telugu Dictionary available. Then he has chosen the most suitable words to complete the sentence (Aayath). He tried to choose a different Telugu word for each Arabic word. Like this working daily 5-6 hours - after his duty hours - he took more than 12 years to complete the translation. He wrote more than 3,000 A4 size pages with pencil. He later on compared his translation with the English and Urdu Translations published from the "King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex," Madinah Munawwarah. His work was reviewed by a team of Telugu and Arabic knowing Scholars (Ulema).


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