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David Barnes
David Barnes

[S1E4] Rest In Pain

Expressing that her husband is in Wyoming looking for cattle thieves she explains these thieves are also murderers and they killed Bob Strafford. Cara said now is time the livestock commission needs to have the authority to make arrests.

[S1E4] Rest in Pain

And those were the most highly affected people. So the rest of the people had to be studied. There was a Ph.D. student who did some great work with areas around wells, distance from wells was measured and then how birth outcomes were determined. It took years for that information to come to the forefront. But, what she eventually published was that babies born to mothers who lived a certain distance away from wells, the closer to the wells, the more impacted they were. They were small for gestational age. They were low birth weight. They had other complications. These were babies who are now going to be perhaps requiring developmental testing and extra help from their teachers, from the school system. These are children who are going to be needy because their mothers lived close to a well when they were in utero.

Continuing from the previous episode, Thors takes on a group of Askeladd's men singlehandedly to defend himself, his friends, and his son. Thors easily dodges their attacks and effortlessly defeats them bare-handed, impressing Askeladd. However, Thors chooses not to kill any of them, only leaving them with bloody bruises and broken bones and saving a man from drowning by tossing him an oar to stay afloat. Two of the men ask Bjorn what should they do, however, Bjorn simply twitches and growls in anger. As Thors continues to fight Askeladd's men, Bjorn is overcome by a berserker rage and attacks his allies. They are terrified and say that Bjorn has gone mad. Bjorn tosses two of his men into the air and smashes the floor of the ship in rage. One of the men says that Bjorn will destroy the ship and they all go overboard to save themselves from his rage. As Bjorn bangs his head into the mast, Thors notes that he has eaten a "Berserker Mushroom". Suddenly, the enraged Bjorn notices Thors and charges at him to attack. Thors swiftly counters Bjorn's assault with a punch to the right eye. Ignoring his pain, Bjorn attempts to attack Thors once more, however, the Troll of Jom effortlessly sends the berserker flying with an uppercut. Askeladd's men are left awestruck by Thors' display of power. Thors turns his attention to Askeladd's ship, however, an injured Bjorn gets up one more time to continue their fight.

Meanwhile, Askeladd and his men approach Thors and Leif's ships, which causes the boys to panic. Ari tells the other boys that he would rather die fighting than be captured and sold to slavery. Askeladd tells his men to capture the boys alive and unharmed, otherwise, they won't sell for a high price at the slave market. Askeladd's men use two wooden planks to cross over to Thors' boat and assault the boys. However, Thors throws Bjorn off of the ship and the berserker's body lands on one of the planks, destroying them before Askeladd's men could cross. Then, Thors, with great speed and agility, jumps back onto his ship, much to everyone's surprise. Thors quickly draws his sword and destroys the other plank, causing some of Askeladd's men to fall in the water. Thors tells the rest of Askleadd's crew that they have lost half of their forces and offers to spare their lives if they leave him and friends alone. Askeladd simply chuckles in delight.

Connor is treating a mom that served as a human shield to her son as people trampled her. She was down for too long, she is non responsive to pain and has no reflexes. Which basically means she is brain dead. The woman was also a registered organ donor, so her husband is giving permission to take her off the ventilator and harvest her organs.

It's revealed that the shooter was shot by a civilian, a high-school algebra teacher, Mr Miller. He is perceived as a hero, everyone thanks him for his quick action to shoot the perpetrator. That is, until Chicago P.D. shows up to question him and Maggie makes an interesting statement: even though it was a mass shooting they only had one shot victim - the shooter. It's possible that the gunshots he heard were from the movie as the shooter didn't have a riffle at all, it was a leaf blower. The boy was nothing more than a prankster that enjoyed making funny videos and posting them online. The toll of having shot a young boy and no longer being the hero proves to be too much to Mr. Miller, who later contemplates suicide. He stepped in front of a car and didn't survive.

Dr. Connor treats the shooter, he opens his chest and sends him to the OR. Will doesn't understand why he is trying so hard to save the boys life. The trauma surgeon is Dr. Zanetti, the two flirt during the operation. The surgery goes alright but Peter Wallace needs a liver transplant. Dr. Connor tries to get Lucy's liver for his patient. At first the husband is reluctant to give his wife liver to her "killer", but surprisingly he signs the paper. After the transplant the husband visits Peter to tell him that he will haunt him for the rest of his life. Peter wanted followers so much that he will follow him for the rest of his life in every social media he's on.

While the two doctors go to confer elsewhere, Nelson begins unpacking the rest of the items. When he touches one of the artifacts, streams of energy lash out at him, knocking him unconscious against a far wall.

While taking rest in the woods Cary called Kerry telling her the address he found for Philly. Kerry then returns to Syd and Ptonomy and informs them of this. The trio continues to take rest in the woods before heading out again, during this time Kerry tells Sydney about her past along with her relationship to Cary. Kerry has all the action while Cary does all the "boring stuff." Kerry is the muscle while Cary is the brain. Kerry keeps Cary safe while he makes her laugh.

While Sydney and Ptonomy talk to Dr. Poole about David's past, Kerry constantly scans the surroundings for any sign of Division 3. In the questioning, Dr. Poole reveals that he was David's doctor for about 3 years. David, when he was on his medication was eager to work. He also had conflicting impulses that were not helped by the influence of his friend, Benny. Ptonomy then asked Dr. Poole if David was at all different in the days leading up to the robbery. Dr. Poole admits that David had doubled his sessions and it was clear that there was something he wanted to talk about but didn't until their last session together. Syd then asks what the stars said but he only replies that Sydney is in love with David and Syd admits to this. Dr. Poole then asks to see David again and Ptonomy asks why. Dr. Poole states he wants to know why David attacked him, Syd looks at Ptonomy silently hoping that they'll let Dr. Poole see David. Dr. Poole then states that Ptonomy is in charge. Sydney tries to refute this saying they came here together and no one's in charge. Dr. Poole then reveals himself to be Walter and, Kerry sees scores of Division 3 agents swarming the beach as they make their way to the light house. She yells, with some excitement, that it's a trap and the three mutants quickly run up stairs while a hail of bullets shred the room they were previously in. Walter calmly walks up the stairs after them while bullets whiz by his figure. Realizing they're trapped on the top floor of the lighthouse, Kerry declares that it's her turn for some action rather then talking to people. She then dives out of a window, rolls onto the ground outside, and begins to take down agent after agent. During this Cary begins to watch the fight through her eyes, mimicking her moves with a broom he was previously using and cheering at her victories. She's able to take down the first wave of agents before the second wave appears and overwhelms her and begin to beat her. Cary feels her pain as she's beaten and cries out for her.

David then begins to wander the subconscious land of the Astral Plane searching for a way out. As he wanders, Lenny appears as well as the rest of his childhood bedroom. David is not in the mood to play "Lenny's" games and attempts to leave the illusion bedroom only to find himself walking right back into it every time. "Lenny" tells him that they need to talk and that he screwed up trusting the mutants of Summerland leading them to become stuck in this place. David tries to defend them, saying Oliver told him it wasn't their fault before asking who "Lenny" really is. "Lenny" responds by singing "I'm you. I'm me. I'm everything you want to be." She then changes the subject to the fact that they need to leave because everywhere David is, she's there too. To motivate David and activate his powers she shows him a image of what is occurring in the real world, where Sydney, Ptonomy, and Kerry are all unconscious in the back of a van driven by Walter to Division 3. What David does not realize is that Sydney and Walter have body swapped and that Syd, in Walter's body, is actually driving the mutants to safety.

This does the trick and David activates his powers. Between David and Lenny's combined powers they reenter the real world, stop the truck, and release Syd's body (which is being controlled by Walter) and gives her a knife. The real Syd wakes up in time to stop Walter from killing David before attempting to chase her and stop her. David, not realizing the body swap, tackles Walter's body to the ground as the two swap bodies back. Kerry and Ptonomy wake up at this time and Kerry quickly exits the vehicle hoping to help the fight. Walter and Sydney swap bodies back leaving Walter free and David pinning Sydney to the ground. Now with his own body Walter shoots Kerry in the shoulder before escaping. Kerry then lies on the ground in incredible pain and Cary shares her experience collapsing in Summerland as well.

Meredith presents Cristina Yang to Bailey and the rest of the interns. Cristina feels she is ready to get back to work. In the background is Cristina's mother, Helen. Helen asks if she would really be able to go back to work. Cristina is desperately trying to convince them she is okay - that she is taking in solid food and her pain is controlled by the medicine she takes. Helen tells them that the nurse said she had a fever earlier that morning. Bailey asks if it is true. Cristina admits it's true. George brings up the time Cristina worked two shifts with a high temperature and the flu. Cristina thanks George. Bailey tells her to stay in bed until it normalizes. Helen tells them that she reminds Cristina that there's more to life than her career. Cristina says, "Mother, go upholster something." Bailey tells her to just relax and get better, she can be a doctor next week. As they leave Cristina grabs Meredith's arm and says she cannot be left alone with her mother, that she is flying over the cuckoo's next. Meredith tells her she needs time to heal, winks at her and leaves. Cristina exclaims that she IS healed. She sighs, looks at her mother, and slouches in her bed. Under her breath she says, "Oh God." 041b061a72


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