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Maatr HD MP4 Movie: Watch Online or Download for Free

Maatr Movie Download HD MP4: How to Watch the Thrilling Revenge Drama Online

Maatr is a 2017 Indian thriller film that stars Raveena Tandon as a mother who seeks vengeance for her daughter's rape and murder. The film is directed by Ashtar Sayed and written by Michael Pellico. It was released on April 21, 2017, and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Maatr movie download hd mp4


If you are looking for a way to watch Maatr movie online or download it in HD MP4 format, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Maatr movie, why you should watch it, and how to download it legally and safely. We will also warn you about the illegal and risky options that you should avoid at all costs.

What is Maatr Movie About?

Maatr movie is a story of a mother's quest for justice and revenge against the men who raped and killed her daughter. Here are some details about the plot, the cast and crew, and the reception and awards of the film.

Plot Summary

Vidya Chauhan (Raveena Tandon) is a school teacher living in Delhi with her husband Ravi (Rushad Rana) and teenage daughter Tia (Alisha Khan). One night, she is returning home from a school event with her daughter when she decides to take a deserted route to avoid a traffic jam. During the traffic jam, Vidya calls her friend Ritu and starts telling her about the school function; while talking on phone they met with an accident. Vidya and her daughter are kidnapped by the Chief Minister's son Apurva Malik (Madhur Mittal) and his friends who take the women to a farmhouse and gang rape them before dumping their bodies on the roadside. Tia dies as a result of the assault but Vidya survives.

She names the CM's son and his friends as the attackers. However, those men use their influence to get away. Vidya moves in with her friend Ritu (Divya Jagdale) after her husband leaves her. She decides to hunt down and punish her daughter's killers. First up is Sikander Beniwal. She loosens the screws on tyres of his bike causing a severe accident that kills him. She notes down the numbers and names of his friends from his phone. She finds out that one of the men, Inder Jhangra has been abusing Meenal, one of her students and Tia's friend. She helps Meenal poison Inder when he tries to abuse her in a hotel room. The inspector on the case Akhil Sachdeva is starting to get suspicious of Vidya but has no proof.

Apurva Malik and his friends have also become suspicious. They beat up Ravi in order to pressure Vidya to back off. One night Ritu takes Vidya out for dinner. Vidya doesn't know that the restaurant is owned by Harshit Poojari, one of the rapists who attacked her. When Harshit sees her on the CCTV cameras, he calls Apurva who tells him to hold her. He also calls his other friends before following Vidya to the bathroom. In the ensuing scuffle Vidya stabs him and manages to escape in a taxi. She is followed by Kamran Qureshi, Poojari's accomplice. b70169992d


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