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Lucas Lee
Lucas Lee

Skint And Demoralised This Sporting Life (2011) UPD

SL: Well, it is hanging onto that adolescent part of me. It really informs the stand-up. He's an adolescent me, inasmuch as he wears his tastes on his sleeve to some extent. He does it as a badge of superiority. He's also an absolutist in terms of what's right and wrong, which I understand, but which is also an adolescent point of view. So yeah, he's like an adolescent, going, 'You think you understand what I'm doing, but you'll never understand!' But the good thing about that is, life sort of takes care of the character, in a way. Because with a lot of stand-ups, you think, 'Why have they come out here, talking about this thing?' Whereas he's told you that he's got a mortgage and kids, and he's got to come out and do it. And then things go wrong, and he gets annoyed by the audience. Or suffers some terrible doubt about the whole of existence. The worst thing that could happen to him is that he becomes more popular, and that would only make him more upset, which makes it even funnier.

Skint And Demoralised This Sporting Life (2011)

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SL: Well, yeah! Not being anonymous is really difficult. Apart from being paid, and not having to worry on a day-to-day basis about money, there's very few upsides to it. You have to spend an increasingly long time away from home, it compromises all your relationships with people you know, life's weird for your kids, and if you're just having an idle chat with someone at the bus stop, you have to think, 'Do they know who I am? Is this going to go on Twitter?' So you live in a state of unease and paranoia. And I'm not the sort of person who would go to showbiz events and become Jonathan Ross' friend. So I'm actually in a double bind. But this thing with ATP [the ATP 2.0 festival at Pontin's Prestatyn, curated by Stewart, subject of cancellation rumours as we speak] is one of the few things, since I became an E-list celebrity, that's actually a nice thing to happen. A bit of the pay-off. So, there's a cliché of people saying, 'Oh, I don't like being famous', but I don't even really like not being famous, either. Being mildly famous, I find it makes everything really really difficult, but it's too late. The sort of personality I do, I don't know if I would have embarked on this, had I known in the 1980s what the 21st century would be like. Which is basically a surveillance state, where you're supposed to be on social media and everyone can talk about you. It's my worst nightmare.


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