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Julian Mironov
Julian Mironov

Hitman Absolution V1.0.444.0 Upd

it's the game that people talked about at e3. it's got the art style and the sense of humor. it's got the plot and the level design. it's like a hitman game, but with less stealth, more shooting, and a much weaker story.

Hitman Absolution V1.0.444.0 Upd

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the new challenges are genuinely challenging and fun, but it's still hitman, so those challenges have to be overcome in one way or another. these challenges will contain enemy encounters that have ai that will respond to you, as well as scripted events. some of the challenges are also time-limited, so you'll have to work quickly to complete it. hitman absolution is a game that's mostly about playing and exploring, but there are elements of the game that require you to execute a plan to perfection, in order to succeed.

the mission structure also moves away from the linearity of previous hitman games, and towards a more open-ended structure. in the previous games, you'd always have a clear idea of where you were going, and were faced with a limited number of possible options. you'd be constrained by the path ahead, and you'd be able to choose how to proceed. when you returned to a previous level, you'd find it clear what you'd missed, and it'd all make sense. this time, you can choose to go anywhere you please. this opens up the game's world, and makes the missions more tense. there's no doubt that hitman absolution will be a game that you'll want to revisit again and again.

this is an ever-evolving game. each time you play, we'll be introducing new gameplay mechanics and new features. some will be very basic, such as upgrading your equipment, while others will be more complicated, with the whole of the hitman series taking on the role of a sandbox game.


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